The Benefits of Bamboo

November 9th 2017

The Benefits of Bamboo

Prepping your food is arguably one of the most crucial factors of creating a delicious meal, and as such a proper cutting board is key. Plastic and wood were the two most common materials used for cutting boards, but it seems rather comical that a grass, bamboo, is the current king of cutting boards. There are many reasons for this but we at Hutch would like to focus on 3 key factors of why bamboo boards are the best choice when it comes to purchasing a quality cutting board.

1.      It’s Eco-Friendly, and Renewable

Bamboo, which is technically a grass, and not a tree, is a highly renewable resource. This is, in part, since it is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Some specifics of bamboo can grow 10 centimeters per day, which when compared to a cedar tree, that grows 30-60 centimeters per year, gives the bamboo a terrific advantage.

It’s ease of farming, organically raising nature, and rapid growth make bamboo a sought-after material for many purpose. Moreover, bamboo can be harvested by hand or small chainsaws which reduces the need to use heavy, carbon-producing machinery.


2.      The Sanitary Option

For a long time, plastic cutting boards were often thought to harbor less bacteria than wooden ones. However, as more recent studies reveal plastic surfaces can leave behind much more bacteria than wood surfaces.

Plastic surfaces also become more knife-scarred than bamboo and that leaves the potential for not only more bacteria, but also for plastic particles to enter your food. Bamboo does not scar as easily from knife-use as plastic does, making the cutting board last longer, harbour less bacteria, and even making it easier to clean.


3.      Low Maintenance

Cutting boards made from dense wood have been the leading choice for many cooks. The main reason for this is that dense wood keeps out water, and thus keeps out bacteria. However, unlike bamboo woods such as maple, walnut, oak, or cherry all require regular maintenance with oils to the wood from degrading or cracking.

Bamboo cutting boards are practically maintenance free due to its incredible density. It general resists water, and will not warp or crack as easily as other wooden surfaces.However, bamboo can crack under high temperatures, thus while bamboo boards may be dishwasher safe, Hutch recommends to always hand-wash your bamboo board to extend it’s lifespan. 

Well there you have it. If those benefits don’t turn you towards bamboo cutting boards as the preferred option little else will. Being the eco-friendly, sanitary, low maintenance option, it’s no wonder why bamboo is the king of cutting boards, and is preferred by chefs and amateur cooks alike. 

The Hutch Team

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